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this will 5ever be relevant to my life. for now, i just want to stay awaaaaaaake long enough to finish this history assignment and then do my proposal for extension two.

COLIN O FUCKING DONOGHUE THAT IS ALL. also re: teen wolf i am soooo happy they let dylan keep his hair :333 also HOBBIT HOBBIT HOBBIT HOBBIT HOBBIT.

there is something in my eye it hurts :| hurts a loooot. there is a box filled with little colourful strips of paper on my desk. i like little colourful strips of paper. all quiet on the home front. my mum keeps buying me pocky /o/ best mummy ever.

my major work for extension two has somehow exploded into this space opera hardboiled noir detective thriller where havisham and dodger are underpaid and very space cowboy and madame defarge is stealing the fabric of the universe. how am i even going to fit it into 8000 words i dunno. MEH HOLIDAYS START ON THE 19TH.

cool things:

(1) THIS DUDE. he's photomanipulated world war II montages and inserted our friendly neighbourhood superhoes. pretty awesome, also pretty disturbing. my favourites have to be this one and this one.

(2) this article, PSY And The Acceptable Asian Man is damn interesting. thoughts? :3

(3) LOOK IT'S SO PRETTY! i wanna do something like this someday tbh. design baby design.


gabrielle be an aiiight muthafuckin thang. out, fellas.